Why Viola?

We're for all women

We believe the bedroom, a sacred place for the modern, busy woman, is a place where she should feel her very best – beautiful, comfortable and unapologetically herself. Our silk sleepwear is thoughtfully designed to do just that. Because when you feel your best, you sleep well, and when you sleep well, you can take on the day ahead as the best you there is.

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We do sleepwear a little differently

Each piece is crafted with purpose, attention-to-detail and longevity in mind. Quality is paramount, and we don’t cut corners. For this reason, our product line is minimal and our designs are released one at a time. This less-is-more approach to style means you can indulge yourself and refine your wardrobe at the same time. Ultimately, our pieces serve to enhance the spirit, beauty and individuality that you already exude.

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